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 Expenditure Schedules

Expenditure Schedule Instructions for FY 2017 will be published once there is a finalized budget. Until then, the wvOASIS Budget Development system is open and agencies can set up their preliminary Expenditure Schedules. The FY 2016 Expenditure Schedule Instruction Booklet for FY 2016 can be used as a starting guide and schedules will need to be revised and finalized once a budget is in place.

Expenditure Schedule Instruction Booklet FY 2016 (PDF)
ES1A form (Excel)
Expenditure Schedule Amendments in wvOASIS FY 2016 (PDF) 
BGE92 form (Excel)
BG92SEC form (Excel)
FY 2016 General Revenue Spending Reduction form

OASIS Budget Development Expenditure Schedule training manual
    [available at https://myapps.wvsao.gov
    → Enterprise Readiness    → Training    → Budget Development    → Phase A Training

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